Speech Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy is a treatment that focuses on helping children who have difficulty with communication, learning, and/or feeding or swallowing issues. Does your child have difficulty saying particular words or letters correctly? Does your child cough frequently during or after a meal? If so, then contact us today to schedule an evaluation with one of our licensed Speech Therapists. Based on the results of the evaluation, our therapists will use advanced techniques as well as an Individualized
Treatment Plan to help your child develop and communicate more effectively.

Once Upon A Time Home Health, LLC also provides VitalStim® Therapy, a safe and effective technique used in speech and oral therapy for the treatment of children who have difficulty swallowing. We are trained and equipped in VitalStim Therapy for treating difficulties with swallowing or dysphagia. This very current and effective treatment program combines the benefits of electrical stimulation and targeted exercise.





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